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  1. How can we work on a contingency-based recovery plan?

    Contingency recovery is virtually a "risk-free" option for customers because there are no up-front costs and we don't get paid until you get paid. This is a good way to approach accounts where internal action by your staff is no longer feasible, and can save you from having to write-off an unpaid account altogether.

  2. Once I retain your services, how do you proceed?

    You will receive an acknowledgement of your placedaccounts the same day that your clients are receiving their first notice from us. We then begin efforts to reach the consumer by telephone. If we are unable to reach the responsible party by telephone, further letters are generated and mailed.

    All our efforts are geared toward making direct contact with the person responsible for paying the debt owed to you. If the consumer ignores our telephone and letter campaigns, our attorney, who specializes in debt collection, evaluates the account to determine if it is appropriate for the legal process. However the decision as to whether the account will be pursued legally is yours to make.

  3. Should I be overly concerned with unpaid bills/debt?

    Absolutely. Not only do unpaid bills negatively affect your company's financial bottom line, but these uncollected debts are also passed on to honest, hard-working American families by businesses in order to make up for losses.

    The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals has shown that debt collectors return more than $40 billion per year to the U.S. economy, helping businesses keep prices down.

  4. Does your company hold special licenses, credentials and/or accreditations?

    Yes. We adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and various state licensing regulations. We are licensed by the Arkansas State Board of Collections, a member of the Arkansas Collector's Association and the American Collector's Association, and a member of the Better Business Bureau, where we hold an A+ ranking.

  5. Under what circumstances can I send a customer to collections?

    If a customer owes you money for merchandise, products or services, you can report them to a collection agency. It is not required that you have the customer in a contractual agreement, though it usually helps. CSI understands that every circumstance is unique, and we approach our client's accounts on a case-by-case basis.

  6. When a customer is sent to a collection agency, is it reported to the credit bureaus?

    CSI can report accounts to the credit bureaus so that any unpaid debts appear on a customer's credit report. However, it is your decision whether your accounts are reported.

  7. What if a debtor pays me directly instead of sending payment to CSI?

    You can simply report payments directly to CSI via telephone or electronic notification. If you request CSI to collect on an account, fees will be assessed, no matter where the payment is received.

  8. How do you calculate fees?

    Because every customer is unique, there is no one "default" fee charged. Our fees are based on the volume and age of accounts placed.

  9. Can you recover 100% of the amount owed on account(s) being collected?

    In many cases we do collect 100% of the debt. However, not every account is collectable. The age of an account, the amount owed, accurate contact information available and a number of other factors determine the actual amount we can recover.

  10. How can I assist you in recovering the debts I am owed?

    The completeness and quality of the information provided to us directly affects our ability to provide you with optimum results. Equally as important, the faster you report the account(s) to CSI, the better chance we have of recovering the debt you are owed. Reporting a delinquent account within 60 - 90 days greatly increases the chance we can collect the full amount. Conversely, older accounts are more difficult to recover.

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